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How to Write Flash Fiction

First of all, what we need to know of is what flash fiction is and this is but one of the rapidly growing genres of short stories that aims at telling a whole story but with such a limited word count, which is in most cases about 500 words. It may be as it is that there is actually no specific guideline on the writing of flash fiction, looking at the factor of word count as this has been seen to be so varied with a number of the readers of flash fiction, but all the same as a writer of flash fiction pieces, there are some factors and points that you need to note and pay attention to when doing a flash fiction piece some of which are; such a keen focus on preciseness, careful construction of the fictitious characters in your piece and tense plotting. By far and large, these are the factors that when you will have well thought of and ordered, your story will indeed feel fully developed and have such an impact on its readers. Take a look at some of the insights into how to shape your flash fiction story.

Tip number one is to let your story start in the middle of the action. In writing flash fictions, as a writer you just have not the time to spend and words to waste setting up such a complex backstory. Steer clear of this and get your story kicked off at such a moment of change, those crucial moments to the narrative you are developing. You as such are to focus on showing your readers the tension of the scene and never spend that time and effort explaining to them why the characters are behaving a particular way. Thus, you need to strive as much as you can to have your flash fiction arriving at its plot conflict or the main narrative in the first paragraph of the piece if not the first line. Note the fact that your flash fiction will be a disappointment to many of your readers if it so leaves them in suspense and at the same time you have your limits in the words to do.

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The second tip and idea when getting to flash fiction stories is to get your readers not much of the detail but just a tip of the things happening. This means that you will need to make use of much of the literary devices such as foreshadowing and tone and these will be quite important as you do your flash fiction piece.

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