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Role of Whiskey Barrels

During the manufacture of whisky, the used of whisky barrels is very common all over the world since these barrels are used to help in aging the whisky which in turn enhances its taste. Whisky barrels are usually cylindrical which are usually made of staves of wood that have been bound by metal or wooden hoops. They are usually hollow in the middle so that they can hold the whiskey content for the required time so that it can mature. There are certain wood trees that are highly recommended for use in making these barrels of various sizes according to need such as the oak tree, redwood, and chestnut.

During the manufacture of whiskey, most states have regulations that require the whiskey to be stored in the barrels for a given period of time so that the whiskey can mature which helps improve its taste. These whiskey barrels allows for proper aging of the whiskey since they allow some air into the barrels more so the oxygen needed to enhance maturation. Another thing that enhances proper maturation of the whisky in the barrels is because it may take up some compounds present in these barrels such as the tannins and vanillin. The source of the wood, the process followed when cutting and drying the staves as well as the toast added during the manufacture of the whisky are some of the factor that may have an influence in the presence of these compounds such as vanillin and tannins that are usually taken up by the whisky as it matures ion the barrel over time.

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Use of whisky barrels is not only by manufacturers but it is also common in many home bars where people use it to ensure that they age some of their whisky so that the taste can be enhanced after a certain period of time. Most of these people can purchase the mini whiskey barrels from various companies that manufacture them from various trees such as the Red Head Whiskey Barrels. Other than the use in the home bars, these mini whiskey barrels are also very good gifts gifted to people who love whiskeys in events such as weddings, bachelors, Christmas among other events.

One can ensure that they go for a company that sells these mini whiskey barrels that have been made from suitable trees such as the American white oak which is also used by the large-scale manufacturers of whiskey. It is important to budget for a suitable mini whiskey barrels which enhances the quality of the whiskey as well as removing impurities that are present in the wood hence making it smoother.

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