What to Know About Trade Schools and The Benefits

At some time in your life, you might consider extending your education where you bypass going to a University and decide to head to a trade school. Sometimes it’s not the best option to go directly from high school into college or a University. You may have a particular time or interest regarding your career that may need specialty training. Picking a trade education is a good post-secondary experience. There are many benefits when considering trades schools. Here are some things to consider when thinking about going to a trade school and satisfying your education needs.

Less time

One thing you will find is that a trade school will take less time than it does to get a bachelorette degree from a University or college. The typical time spent in college could be from 4 to 6 years. In addition to that, many students may find they are wasting time in class when the discussions are not in relation to their particular degree . A good way to avoid this is to enter into a trade school program where you can be finished within 6 months to two years. These type of schools allow you to attend full-time and get work done in a shorter period of time. For those students interested in being an electrician, he or she can complete an apprenticeship within two to four years.

Doesn’t cost as much

Today costs for these schools are around $33,000. The students that are capable of completing these programs typically will have $10,000 worth of debt. If you’re going for a bachelor’s degree at a college or university, most often the student will pay out between $100,000 to $200,000.

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Small classes

We all know that colleges and universities can have class sizes with hundreds of students in attendance. At a trade school glass sizes are 20 students or less. Bigger class sizes often make students feel lost and like they are not receiving the attention that they need. With a smaller classroom size, students get hands-on experience and more time with the professor. If high school academics were hard for you, then a technical or trade education might be the perfect solution for your job endeavors.


It’s not just about getting a trade skill in these schools. Technical colleges and trade schools still have high level classes for math, computer skills and communication. You can get your electrician certification chicago il.

Competitive salaries

Upon graduating from a trade school or technical program, a graduate can expect to receive a salary starting at $35,720. This number will depend heavily on the industry and employee experience level. A student graduating with a bachelor’s degree can expect an approximate salary around $46,900. As for a trade school graduate, they have saved more money on tuition and don’t have as much student debt. Further, students in trade programs make their money as a apprentices in specific fields.